New or Noteworthy: Quick Facts on 11 of Our Favorite Products

We’re always searching for products that we think customers will love – items with great prices and amazing quality.

We’re also listening to feedback from customers and working with suppliers to make items found in our Ozark Trails, Parent’s Choice and Hotel Style product lines better than ever. We’ve pulled out 11 of our new favorites for you to check out. Give them a look and we hope you’ll be well on your way to finding your next unexpectedly delightful item.

1. Sam’s Choice Coffee
Looking for single origin coffee? Check! Prefer organic? We’ve got that too. You can find new Sam’s Choice ground and whole bean coffees from unique origins across the globe. With four of these coffees coming from the top 1% of coffee beans in the world, you can be sure your morning jolt will be top-notch (and totally affordable).

2. Hotel Style Bath Towels
Hotel Style towels are larger and heavier than standard towels, making them our new favorite bathroom accessory. They’re low lint, fade-resistant and super soft to the touch. Add in the highest absorbency rating, and you’ve got a towel that’s comparable to those you’d find in your favorite home specialty store.

3. Krups Coffee Accessories
Krups coffee grinders are just one of the Krups kitchen accessories recently added to Walmart’s lineup. Krups is a market leader in coffee grinders, so you can be sure you’re getting a great product at an incredible price. Plus, it’s a perfect accessory for that bag of Sam’s Choice coffee!

4. Ladies’ Avia Capri Pants
We’ve completely reimagined athletic apparel. From soft, stretchy fabric to a flat elastic waistband and inner draw cords, these pants are the perfect workout partner. Dri-More fabrics, reflective accents, fade- and snag-resistant materials and flat seams round out the long list of reasons why these pants should be in everyone’s workout bag.

5. Mainstays Patio Umbrella
What happens when a patio product is built based on real customer reviews? The fabric is extensively tested to ensure fade resistance. The crank mechanisms hold up to some major wear and tear. And the umbrella stands up to those spring rains and summer winds. Combine this with inspired style and you’ve got the recipe for a beautiful outdoor space.

6. Marketside Sandwiches
Ever tried a Marketside sandwich? They are delicious – every sandwich is made from premium meats and cheeses, they’re each inspired by real chefs and you’ll find a label that contains only clean ingredients. So go ahead! Grab a sandwich and see why we’re raving about our newest recipes.

7. Ozark Trail Tent
Ever been on a camping trip where it rained the entire time? We have, too. So we worked hard on these Ozark Trail tents to ensure they were crafted from quality materials and thoroughly tested to withstand some serious wind, rain, wear and tear. Designed for quick and easy setup, this is sure to be a camping fan favorite.

8. Parent's Choice Wipes
Parent’s Choice Cotton Wipes are made in the USA, created from 25% recycled cotton (like your favorite old t-shirts!), pH balanced and 99% water plus naturally derived ingredients.

9. Yes To Masks
Beauty gurus rejoice! The same brand and quality you’ll find at popular beauty boutiques is available at your local Walmart and on, with a great selection of Yes To products all at an amazing price. Made with 96% natural ingredients, this is the easiest beauty decision you’ll ever make.

10. Better Homes and Gardens Mid-Century Chair
The Better Homes and Gardens line, which features more than 3,000 items, offers incredible quality, style and value. The mid-century modern chair, available on, features linen upholstery and a wood frame.

11. Pioneer Woman Bedding (coming Fall 2017)
No pics yet, but for Pioneer Woman fans, we’ve got an insider’s tip on a new product line arriving online this October. Pioneer Woman bedding will be available beginning this fall with a whimsical mix and match of patterns, 300 thread count percale sheets, 100% washed cotton and beautiful details like pompoms and fringe. Ree Drummond has spent a lot of time developing this new line to create these beautiful pieces…so mark your calendars!

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Health & Wellness

New Digital Health Tools Transforming Diabetes Self-Care

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports there are more than 30 million in the U.S. living with diabetes. That’s 1 in 11 Americans.

Perhaps even more alarming: Out of the 84 million who have pre-diabetes and are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes, 90% don’t know they have it. It’s a growing epidemic with a devastating physical, emotional and financial toll on our communities. And it’s because of this, there’s an ever increasing focus on diabetes prevention, treatment and education.

At one of our nationwide Wellness Day Clinics last month an individual discovered his blood glucose level was a life-threatening 530. An onsite nurse explained the consequences of the test result and he immediately went to a nearby urgent care clinic to initiate care. It is rewarding to think the work we do at Walmart can help people live healthier and even save lives in some cases.

Perhaps most critical for diabetic patients, however, is access to affordable supplies. That’s why I’m excited about our exclusive line of important, everyday essentials. From meters to test strips and insulin, patients are able to save considerably on the items they need most. Because they can afford to test more regularly, this means our patients can better manage their care, and ultimately, lead healthier lives.

Recently, we expanded our line of ReliOn diabetic supplies to include the $18.98 ReliOn Premier BLU blood glucose monitoring system. It features Bluetooth technology that connects the meter to an app on your iOS/Android smartphone, eliminating the need for paper logbooks. With a couple of taps, you can also share your results with your care provider. $14.98 ReliOn Premier Voice is a bilingual (English and Spanish) blood glucose monitoring system that provides audible testing results and is excellent for the blind and low vision diabetic patient. Both of these tools capture clinical data and offer analytics, providing patients with actionable feedback. Most importantly, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for price. All ReliOn blood glucose monitoring systems meet the same strict FDA accuracy standards as the more expensive brands.

The health and safety of our patients is a critical priority, and I love sharing how our team is helping to make a difference in the communities we serve by actively helping them identify and manage their diabetes. Whether it’s through advanced technology, affordable everyday necessities, healthy food, even fitness gear, Walmart is a one-stop-shop for diabetes management. I’m proud of that.

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The Baby-Soft Science Behind Parent’s Choice Wipes

New parents have enough on their minds – the price of high-quality, good-for-baby essentials shouldn’t be one of them.

That’s the thought behind our Parent’s Choice cotton baby wipes. They’re made with 99% pharmaceutical-grade purified water and plant-based ingredients, then pass through four levels of filtering and treatment. The result? An ultra-pure wipe that parents can trust to be safe and gentle on sensitive skin – at a great value.

Diaper changes are a time when every child deserves to be clean and comfortable so their skin remains naturally healthy. We trust the Nice Pak factory in Jonesboro, Arkansas, to create the best product possible. They don’t take shortcuts, so moms and dads who use Parent’s Choice cotton wipes can expect excellent care for their baby, every time.

Watch the story behind how Parent’s Choice cotton baby wipes are made.



Knock, Knock … Who’s There? Your Walmart Grocery Delivery

It’s 10 a.m., and it already feels like a long day. You know your schedule is only going to get busier. How will you get dinner on the table if you don’t have time to stop for groceries?

We have a new answer for you: Don’t worry. Keep doing what you’re doing. We can deliver those groceries to your front door.

By the end of the year, this option will be a reality for more than 40% of U.S. households. Online grocery delivery, previously a test project in six metro areas, will soon be a service we’ll offer across 100 metro areas. We’ll be using more than 800 of our stores to fulfill orders. That’s an impressive number, but it’s more about where you deliver to than where you deliver from – millions of customers will now have access to this time-saver.

Here’s how it works:

  1. To order, customers visit or go to the existing Walmart Grocery app to build an online basket and place an order, selecting the most convenient time for the order to be delivered.
  2. That’s when one of our 18,000 personal shoppers gets to work. Based on the delivery time, he or she will begin picking items, scanning them along the way to ensure an accurate and complete order. (By the way, we’ve given these associates special training to pick the best of the best for your order, especially when it comes to fresh meat and produce.)
  3. Finally, our team will request a delivery service to come to the store, pick up customers’ orders, and take them directly to their desired location.

We’re excited about this new offering, which is simply the latest result of our ongoing work to help make shopping easier. Whether it’s ordering one item online and picking it up the same day in our stores, pulling your car into our parking lot to collect a grocery pickup order, or now ordering – and receiving – groceries at your convenience, you’ve now got so many choices to fit your needs. We’re learning from Walmart teams across the globe and building on the best parts of our business to help put some time back on your calendar. Through technology, great stores and our awesome team of associates, we’re working hard to serve you whenever and however you want.

I love being part of a team that’s constantly thinking about how to bring out the best of Walmart. It’s even better that, for a lot of our customers, this news means we’re now bringing it literally to your door.



Put a Pin on It: The Tiny Tokens Embodying Walmart Pride

There’s a certain sense of pride that comes from graduating – whether it’s from high school or college, it’s a familiar experience for many.

You can see that very same pride in Walmart Academy graduates as they walk across a stage and are recognized for their dedication. They’ve not only set aside time to learn the best ways to serve their customers – they’ve taken advantage of an opportunity that can help set them on a clear path.

Ayreann Luedders, a senior director with the Walmart Academy program, gets to see the graduates’ transformation first hand. “When my team gets to the locations to help set up for graduation, at first the associates don’t know what to expect,” Ayreann said. “By the end they realize, ‘oh, this is a big deal,’ and you can see it on their faces. They are just so proud of what they’ve accomplished.”

To celebrate these achievements, each Academy location’s inaugural graduating class designs a pin that’s given to each graduating class thereafter. They commemorate everything from specific events to individual stores and their communities to pieces of Walmart’s past.

Here’s a look at a few of these pins and the stories behind them.

Pontotoc, Mississippi
This Academy graduation’s theme was all about Walmart history, from serving MoonPies (Sam Walton’s favorite volume producing item) to the regional manager dancing in a hula skirt like Sam once did on Wall Street. This pin shows the Walton’s 5 & 10 as a symbol of where we started, and the words “Pathway to the Future” to show where their training will take them.

St. Petersburg, Florida
With this store just steps from the beach, this pin features the Florida shoreline and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. This group’s graduation ceremony even included a massive sandcastle at the front of their store.

Friendswood, Texas
You might find a rocket scientist at this store – it’s less than 10 miles from NASA’s Johnson Space Center. To show off their unique location, they decided to use a space shuttle orbiting the Earth within the shape of Texas.

Tracy, California
The elements on this pin showcase the history of their community. The triangle shape refers to Tracy’s location inside the three interstates that border the city, and the bear is a nod to their state flag. The train represents their more than century-long history as a major railway hub.

Edmond, Oklahoma
What makes this pin special is that it comes from the 100th Academy Walmart opened. To commemorate that milestone, CEO Doug McMillon came to speak, making it even more special for the graduates.

Dulles, Virginia
Using a simple backdrop of Virginia’s state flower, this pin represents a store that is anything but ordinary. It serves a diverse community, and over 80 native languages are spoken by our associates there.

“It was through the graduation ceremonies that I had this epiphany moment that we’re changing lives in what we’re doing through Walmart Academy,” said Tina Kurtz, a director with the Walmart Academy program. “It gave them an entirely new perspective on their jobs – understanding how doing things a certain way helps. It’s meaningful, life-changing work.”

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