Innovation is Getting a New Look

By  Ben Galbraith, VP, Global Products, Walmart Global eCommerce August 04, 2014

Website Redesign - Homepage

I’m very excited to share that over the coming months, we’re making some substantial updates to, overhauling familiar features and introducing new ones. I’d like to share some of the details of this new in this post.

We’ve revised the site from the ground up with a simple, bold, and modern design that sings on any form factor, be it a tablet, a laptop, or a big desktop display. We started our new design from the baseline of small tablets, optimizing it for that form factor, and then carefully considered how each area of the site could adapt itself to take advantage of larger screens with different input mechanisms (i.e., fingers versus mice) when available (I’ll talk more about our work on smartphones in a later post).

Website Redesign - Walmart_3 Screens

Speaking of adaptation, this updated now tailors itself much more to our individual customers, personalizing much more of the content than ever before based on many aspects of a customer’s history with us. We’ve also increased the quality and frequency of the personalized item recommendations we make throughout the site. These recommendations may be based on a customer’s past searches or purchases on the site, but we can also suggest items that other customers typically buy along with the item a customer is shopping. We’re able to deliver much more relevant suggestions because we are now able to draw from the massive trove of data from both online and store purchases.

Website Redesign - Homepage_full

We’re also continuing to integrate our digital and physical experiences to help customers easily move across our site and our stores. One way we’re doing that is through the new “My Local Store” area of the site that enables our customers to explore the features of their nearby Walmart stores, including a listing of the latest Rollbacks, a selection of coupons and more. Coupled with an all-new Store Finder, using to plan store visits is better than ever before.

Website Redesign - Store Finder

The changes I’ve described above (and many more) are already live with nearly half of our daily online shoppers and will be rolled out to all of our customers soon. I’d like to tell you about a few more updates that we’ll release shortly thereafter.

When our customers click on an item to see more details, they’ll soon experience our updated item page, which features an increased focus on product imagery, simpler presentation of buying options and purchasing opportunities from our growing marketplace of third-party sellers, and improved item description content and user reviews.

Website Redesign - item page_new_v2 is known for its fantastic “bundle” values, which give customers the opportunity to buy related products together for savings, and in some cases, to configure their own combinations of products. Coupled with this new item page is a greatly improved bundles experience, making them easier to discover and configure.

We’re also going to release a significant revision to our checkout process, which will become a simple, easy-to-use three-step flow that fits on a single page from start to finish.

Website Redesign - checkout

The biggest change of all is one that our customers can’t see: an all-new e-commerce platform under the covers that we’ve been building from the ground up over the past two years. This platform fully modernizes the technology we’re using to build and includes our vaunted search engine, our sophisticated personalization and recommendation engines, and other state-of-the-art components that lay the foundation for future updates to come.

While we’re all thrilled for our customers to experience this new, updating the experience that millions of customers depend on isn’t something we take lightly. So we’re therefore being very deliberate about how we roll out these changes, taking it a step at a time and working closely with customers to get their input and making improvements as we go.

There are many more features and dimensions to this new rollout that I didn’t go into in this post, and I look forward to providing more updates as we go forward. Most of all, I’m excited about how all of us here at Walmart will continue to make shopping faster, easier and more fun for our customers.

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Miki FairleyMAY 11, 2015 9:52 PM

I can't find photos for some of the products I'm looking for on the website. Photos are displayed for some products, but many products are missing them. I shop online and would like to use Walmart's "ship to store" option for items not available here in the local Walmart, but sure don't want to buy anything that I can't see.

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Na'Imah Woodson-JonesNOVEMBER 22, 2014 1:51 PM

Not a fan of the website redesign! The website is always displaying "technical difficulties" when clicking on certain things (i.e. managing lists). I have to continuously reload. And I don't like the fact that the reviews doesn't include pictures anymore. That sucks because I base most of my purchases on reviews, especially, those with pictures. :(

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Wayne HughesOCTOBER 13, 2014 5:22 PM

OK so walmart had the market however times changed just like when Walmart took over from the mom and pop shops now Amazon has the on line market share. Walmart needs a format like Amazon so when you search for an item there it is never mind only sold in stores, Evolve or perish.

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Brenda PyleSEPTEMBER 9, 2014 12:53 PM

My local pharmacy called to tell me to go to your website to notify them whether I wanted to continue receiving prescription notifications by phone. Supposedly, I would be able to find detailed information on the website concerning the new procedure and any charges to my phone, etc. involved. No where on the website was the information even mentioned connecting me to the "ready alert program" for prescription notification under any of the pharmacy headings, even when I went into the "help" site.

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Walmart Staff
Caitlin BrownSEPTEMBER 15, 2014 8:28 AM

Hi Brenda, I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a hard time finding information. I checked with a few sources and they explained that it's best to visit your local pharmacy to opt in/out of text and other phone alerts for your prescriptions. You can also text "rx" to 63257 and regular phone rates apply. If you're looking for something more specific, let me know and I'll try to direct you to the right location. Thanks!

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