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Sustainable Farming with True Affordability in Mind

By Tim Richter, Member, The Triple Bottom Line

I’ve been a farmer for many years, farming 7,000 acres of land in northeast Iowa and west central Missouri. One of the staples on any farm is fertilizer. I like to grow corn, and you can’t grow corn without fertilizer, especially nitrogen fertilizer. But nitrogen is really a double-edged sword —… Read More



Our Food Pledge to YOU

By Doug McMillon, President & CEO, Walmart

In 1962, Walmart began with a simple but radical idea: bringing small, underserved communities the same products and prices that were available in big cities. Today, that principle is at the core of our grocery business. Because of Walmart, millions of families worldwide have access to healthier… Read More



At the LEGO Group, Working to Build a Better Tomorrow

By Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, President and CEO of the LEGO Group

The world has changed a lot since the first LEGO brick was created in 1958. What hasn’t changed is the importance of children’s right to play in a healthy and safe world. In the LEGO Group, it’s our ambition to make a positive impact on the world that our children will inherit. This ambition is… Read More



Top 10 Eco-Friendly Features of Walmart Stores

By Don Moseley, PE, Senior Manager of Sustainability Facilities at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Our ongoing sustainability commitments impact our suppliers, products, and, of course, our stores. They also help us cut costs so we can pass those savings onto our customers. Here are some of the ways we’re making our stores more eco-friendly:1. LED Lighting in refrigerator and freezer cases. In… Read More



What Walmart Needs to Go 100% Renewable

By Joshua Ryor of WRI & Bryn Baker of WWF

Walmart’s aspirational goal to be supplied by 100% renewable energy – and to drive the production or procurement of 7 billion kWh of renewable energy globally while doubling the number of on-site solar projects in the U.S. by 2020 – just plain makes business sense. Between Walmart’s 2020… Read More

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