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How Walmart is Working for the Greater Good – Globally

By Robyn Babbitt, Sr. Manager - Sustainability, Walmart

Walmart was started upon a simple idea: to bring affordable products to people in small towns. Nearly 53 years later, that’s still our focus, but we’ve expanded it to a lot more places – 27 countries around the world. As we’ve grown, we’ve taken on another important mission: using our scale and… Read More


Want a Clean Path to Less Waste? Just Add Water

By Jason Foster, Founder and CEO, Replenish Bottling

Even if we’re not avid recyclers, most of us don’t like to waste. Reusing is a practice that’s been around for quite a while. Take my late grandmother, Jewell, for example – a woman who has long been my hero. A waitress for more than 40 years, she was the most successful person I knew. Growing up… Read More



A Simple Way to Shop More Sustainably

By Neil Ashe, President & CEO, Walmart Global eCommerce

This week, Walmart is proud to unveil our new Sustainability Leaders shop on This dedicated area within our eCommerce site makes it easier for our customers to find—and purchase — products made by companies that have scored well in our Sustainability Index. This is a big step in… Read More



Closing the Loop on Recycling in America

By Manuel Gomez, VP of Sustainability, Walmart

When it comes to managing our trash, Americans are throwing away a lot of money. Because lots of people – 45% of U.S. residents, in fact – still don’t have easy access to recycling bins, recycling rates are low in many areas. In 2013, this caused cities to spend more than $7 billion on landfills… Read More


Quirky, Yet Quality: Asda Campaign Explains Unsightly Produce

By Ian Harrison, Produce Technical Director, Asda

When you’re shopping for fruits and vegetables, do you pass over a carrot that’s not straight? Or a pear that’s not smooth? This type of produce still tastes great and is beautiful on the inside; it just isn’t 100% perfect on the outside.  This is the idea behind our new campaign at Asda,… Read More


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