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I Have a Movie Deal, and I Still Work at Walmart

By Eric S. Brown, Photo Center Associate, Walmart Store 1663

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in the September 2014 issue of Walmart World, the magazine for Walmart associates. Being a lifelong comic book geek, military science-fiction fan, and horror movie addict, I always wanted to pursue writing. I started in 2001, around the time I started… Read More


Why I Took a Chance with Walmart

By Sierra Hinds, Assistant Manager in Training, Walmart Store 5939

When people ask me how things are going, I have plenty of wonderful news to share. Within the last year, I’ve gotten married, moved into a new house, and last month, I got a promotion at work. But what I don’t always share is what it took to get to this point. Today I’m training to be an assistant… Read More



Filling a Demand, Fulfilling a Dream: OLÉ Mexican Foods

By Veronica Moreno, President, OLÉ Mexican Foods

When I started selling corn tortillas on a street corner in Atlanta in 1988, I recognized the demand for authentic Mexican-style tortillas in our community. I knew that I had the skill and willpower to meet that demand, but I had no idea how far my ambition would take me. Initially, I didn’t know… Read More


How Retail Became My Rewarding Career

By Tonya Pullen, Sr. Manager, Walmart Merchandising

Sixteen years ago, I started at Walmart as a cashier. At the time, I was going to college, working toward a degree in criminal justice. While I did end up following my college plan – to graduate – what came as a bit of a surprise was my career path: I’ve stayed at Walmart and have been promoted… Read More



From Homemade to Home Run: Chef Jenn’s Story

By Catherine Johnson, Walmart Senior Buyer, Seafood

This year, Jennifer McCullough has cooked up nothing but victory. In April, she won Food Network’s reality cooking competition, Cutthroat Kitchen. And in July, she took a chance by attending Walmart’s Open Call for products that support American jobs, where she got more great news: Several of her… Read More

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