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Associate Wins $1 Million in Lottery, Plans to Keep Working

By Emily Schmid, Sr. Manager, Walmart Digital Communications

There were two reasons Nick Aguayo hesitated before buying the scratch-off ticket that would later win him $1 million. One, it cost $20, four times more than the $5 tickets he occasionally picks up. And two, it was the 13th ticket in the display. He’s not a fan of odd numbers. Originally, he… Read More



Hitting the Road with U.S. Bike Assembly

By Craig Mikita, Buyer – Bicycles and Ride-On Toys, Walmart

For 56 years, Kent International Inc. has designed and produced bicycles. And for the majority of those years, the manufacturing has taken place in China and Taiwan. But in 2008, CEO Arnold Kamler found his family-owned company at a point that called for shifting gears. “It was a perfect storm. You… Read More


5 Ways We're Investing in American Jobs

By Cindi Marsiglio, VP, U.S. Manufacturing, Walmart

It's been a big year for the U.S. manufacturing movement, and we only expect to see more momentum in the months and years to come. Today, on Manufacturing Day, we're celebrating some of the many U.S. companies who have become Walmart suppliers. Check out these videos to see how we're supporting… Read More



In High School, Learning the Details of Retail

By Nick Scribner, Market Human Resources Manager, Walmart

Whether it was a puzzling algebra equation or obscure science project, at some point, we’ve all had this thought: Will I really ever use this lesson later? At age 16, I could have asked myself the same question, as I worked part-time at Walmart pushing shopping carts in from the parking lot.… Read More


I Have a Movie Deal, and I Still Work at Walmart

By Eric S. Brown, Photo Center Associate, Walmart Store 1663

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in the September 2014 issue of Walmart World, the magazine for Walmart associates. Being a lifelong comic book geek, military science-fiction fan, and horror movie addict, I always wanted to pursue writing. I started in 2001, around the time I started… Read More


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