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In High School, Learning the Details of Retail

By Nick Scribner, Market Human Resources Manager, Walmart

Whether it was a puzzling algebra equation or obscure science project, at some point, we’ve all had this thought: Will I really ever use this lesson later? At age 16, I could have asked myself the same question, as I worked part-time at Walmart pushing shopping carts in from the parking lot.… Read More


I Have a Movie Deal, and I Still Work at Walmart

By Eric S. Brown, Photo Center Associate, Walmart Store 1663

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in the September 2014 issue of Walmart World, the magazine for Walmart associates. Being a lifelong comic book geek, military science-fiction fan, and horror movie addict, I always wanted to pursue writing. I started in 2001, around the time I started… Read More


Why I Took a Chance with Walmart

By Sierra Hinds, Assistant Manager in Training, Walmart Store 5939

When people ask me how things are going, I have plenty of wonderful news to share. Within the last year, I’ve gotten married, moved into a new house, and last month, I got a promotion at work. But what I don’t always share is what it took to get to this point. Today I’m training to be an assistant… Read More



Filling a Demand, Fulfilling a Dream: OLÉ Mexican Foods

By Veronica Moreno, President, OLÉ Mexican Foods

When I started selling corn tortillas on a street corner in Atlanta in 1988, I recognized the demand for authentic Mexican-style tortillas in our community. I knew that I had the skill and willpower to meet that demand, but I had no idea how far my ambition would take me. Initially, I didn’t know… Read More


How Retail Became My Rewarding Career

By Tonya Pullen, Sr. Manager, Walmart Merchandising

Sixteen years ago, I started at Walmart as a cashier. At the time, I was going to college, working toward a degree in criminal justice. While I did end up following my college plan – to graduate – what came as a bit of a surprise was my career path: I’ve stayed at Walmart and have been promoted… Read More


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