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What Really Happens on Black Friday at Walmart

By Armando Robles, Claims Supervisor, Store 2902, Framingham, Mass.

The “Super Bowl of Retail” is just around the corner, and for the third straight season, I’m pumped to be playing a part. This year, I’m even more excited because I’ve been asked to share an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what happens inside a typical Walmart on Black Friday. And I get to do… Read More



Just in Time for Turkey: Easy Dining Room Style

By Max Wilker, Better Homes and Gardens Style Director

A day set aside to gather and be grateful—and share amazing food—is our kind of holiday. Our tradition is to invite “Thanksgiving orphans," friends not able to join distant family. We love the merry mix of familiar and fresh faces around the table.Talking Turkey Because we want seasonal… Read More


A Thanksgiving for Every Table

By Anna Taylor, Director, Walmart Digital Communications

Holiday traditions are different in every household, even for the most mainstream occasions. My Southern grandmother serves lasagna for Christmas dinner each year and refuses help in the kitchen. However, my in-laws celebrate every major holiday potluck-style, and guests bring their favorite side… Read More



Make Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests

By Max Wilker, Better Homes and Gardens Style Director

Seasonal gatherings often bring my friends and family together from near and far. When my loved ones come to stay, I want them to feel comfortable and well cared for. After all, my house is their house — at least for a short time. Here are some of my favorite, low-stress ideas to prep my home for… Read More


Why I’m Thankful for Friendsgiving

By Tabatha Hunter, Copy Manager, Private Brand Packaging, Walmart

We’ve all heard the saying: Friends are the family you choose. Thanksgiving is a time for being with family, but a Thursday holiday isn’t always convenient for traveling. So for the past several years, I’ve enjoyed my turkey with a handful of non-relatives, and now it’s a tradition that I wouldn’t… Read More

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