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6 Plays for Hosting a Super Football Watch Party

By Chad Mitchell, Sr. Director, Walmart Digital Communications

It’s the biggest game of the year, and also the most-watched TV event in America. Even if you’re not a football fan, you’re probably watching the commercials – or at the very least intercepting everyone else’s snacks. If this weekend’s game is an excuse to eat chicken wings and throw a party, I’ll… Read More


Keep Your Kids Entertained with Snow-Day Crafts

By Emily Schmid, Sr. Manager, Walmart Digital Communications

When there's three feet of snow on the ground, school is out and the kids are home, how are they going to stay entertained and busy without watching TV all day? Fortunately, a well-stocked craft closet can be the perfect solution. Here are some essentials to have on hand so you’re prepared for a… Read More


New Year’s Traditions around the World

By Maggie Sans, Vice President, Walmart International Corporate Affairs

I love the holidays – being surrounded by family and friends and soaking up the traditions we practice year after year. It’s these traditions that help make this time of year feel nostalgic and special. Whether watching fireworks on New Year’s Eve, lighting a Yule log for the winter solstice or… Read More


5 Ideas for a Family-Friendly New Year's Eve Party

By Melanie Edwards, Walmart Mom Blogger,

New Year's Eve can be a lot of fun, but it doesn't have to be an occasion just for grown-ups. Kids love ringing in the new year, and celebrating New Year's Eve with them can be an opportunity to let them get into the spirit! Our family has always celebrated New Year's Eve in an inclusive manner,… Read More



Get Crafty with Hot Cocoa Gift Packs

By Sheena Tatum, Walmart Mom Blogger,

How often do you find yourself wanting to do something special for the people who impact your life even just for a second? You know, people like your mail/parcel couriers, the lady in the checkout line who stopped your toddler from having a meltdown, the elderly woman who marveled at… Read More

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