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Luv and Joy in @WalmartLabs

By Ben Galbraith, VP, Global Products, Walmart Global eCommerce

One of those big mail-order catalogs showed up on my porch the other day. I don’t see them too often anymore, and as I brought this one to the recycling bin, a wave of childhood memories came to my mind. I recalled hours spent flipping through such catalogs, full of joy at the discoveries I made on… Read More


Serving Members Through Added Savings – And Security

By Seong Ohm, SVP, Merchandise Business Services, Sam’s Club

When paying with a credit card, the safety of your information is priceless. So, what if you could enjoy even tighter security – and periodically even get money back? The new Sam’s Club MasterCard offers members just that. Not only is it the first card from a major retailer that employs… Read More


Welcome Adchemy to @WalmartLabs!

By Jeremy King, SVP and CTO, Walmart Global eCommerce

Our journey to build the very best techWalmart isn’t a retailer in Silicon Valley, we’re building an Internet technology company inside the world’s largest retailer. We are 2,100 strong and growing.  Today, we’re thrilled to welcome the 60+ talented technologists from Adchemy to @WalmartLabs,… Read More


Smartphone Activation Made Easier with Simplexity Technology

By Karenann Terrell, EVP and Chief Information Officer for Walmart

Smartphones have become an increasingly popular part of our customers' everyday lives.  We know that holds true for the rest of America as well. According to Nielsen, research shows that for the first time, a majority of U.S. mobile subscribers of all age groups own smartphones.We’ve seen more… Read More


A First-Of-Its-Kind Auto Insurance Comparison Service

By Daniel Eckert, Senior Vice President of Services for Walmart U.S.

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of, a first-of-its-kind auto insurance comparison service that helps customers compare, buy and save on auto insurance policies all in one simple and convenient place.At Walmart, our business is driven by a commitment to taking products and… Read More

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