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Fresh, Fast and Fun: Stay on Track with Produce Hacks

By Dan Irwin and Danielle Lyman, Produce Merchants, Walmart

But when we take a look at food trends and what our customers are buying, we see a couple of things that help keep the diet momentum going: easy options that free up time, and, when there’s a few… Read More

Health & Wellness

Happy, Healthy and Debt-Free: How I Made My Resolutions a Reality

By Anthony Lomelli-Villegas, Associate, Walmart Distribution Center #7026

No matter what resolutions you may have made last month, keeping them for an entire year might feel like a daunting task. For example, I love food, and the mention of healthier food can make anyone… Read More

Health & Wellness

Keep Moving to Reduce Heart Disease Risk

By Walmart Staff

This article originally appeared in Walmart World, the magazine for Walmart associates. Heart disease doesn't keep Vickie Adkins of Store 1718 in Findlay, Ohio, from an active--and… Read More


Health & Wellness

5 Ways to Eat Healthier on a Budget

By Nicole Presley, Walmart Mom Blogger,

Fresh Food Is Less Expensive: Fresh food is vital to feeding your family healthy. Using fresh vegetables and fruit in your meal preparation is better for you than pre-packaged food, due to the lack… Read More

Health & Wellness

Sneaky Veggies: 7 Recipes to Get Kids to Eat Healthy

By Tina Butler, Walmart Mom Blogger, Mommy’s Kitchen

It can be hard to get your kids to eat vegetables and fruits. If this is true in your family, you are not alone.  Did you know that most children do not get the daily recommended amounts of… Read More

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