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Helping Food Banks Help Those in Need

By Wyatt Jefferies, Sr. Manager, Walmart Foundation

For Rodney Bivens, fighting hunger isn’t just a personal passion – it’s his day job. As executive director and founder of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, he leads an organization that provides enough food to feed more than 90,000 people per week. Rodney grew up in a family who struggled at… Read More



Help Fight Hunger With Just One Click

By Shannon Frederick, Sr. Director, Walmart Foundation

If you had to choose between paying for food or putting gas in your car so you could get to work, which would you pick? What about food or medicine? Food or housing? None of these decisions seem negotiable, but unfortunately they are everyday realities for the 1 in 7 Americans who rely on a Feeding… Read More


Walmart Associates Show Compassion in Times of Crisis

By Kabir Kumar, Senior Director, Walmart Foundation

In 2002, I sat in a mud hut in the middle of a village in India with a room full of women entrepreneurs. They had no electricity, water, formal education or family support structure. But they had each other. These inspiring mothers and grandmothers pooled together their money to start businesses so… Read More



Creating an Appetite for Success

By Tanna Nicely, Principal, South Knox Elementary, Knoxville, Tenn.

As an educator, my purpose is to lay the foundation for students to learn and inspire them to do the very best that they can each day.  In the fall of 2012, we discovered that something was hindering our success right from the start:  A large number of students at Sarah Moore Greene were… Read More


Meet Zach: CMN Hospitals Colorado Champion Child

By Zach Miller, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals 2013 Colorado Champion

Zach was chosen to represent his state for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals as its 2013 Colorado Champion child. He served as an ambassador for the millions of sick and injured kids treated at CMN Hospitals. Zach, 14, is a competitive snowboarder, winning the 2012-2014 Wells Fargo Ski Cup… Read More

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