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A Long-Term Leg Up for Entry-Level Workers

By Maria Flynn, Sr. Vice President, Jobs for the Future

No matter where we are in the workforce, there’s one thing we all have in common: Everyone started somewhere. On the other hand, the factors that influence where we’re able to go next are countless. Skills and certifications rank toward the top when it comes to advancement. But in retail, the… Read More


Beyond Welcome Home: Banding Together to Help Veterans

By Staff Sgt. Tommy Rieman, U.S. Army

Being a part of the military has a different meaning for every veteran. For me, it was an opportunity to see the world outside of Kentucky while protecting our nation’s freedom at the same time. Serving in the military is a true honor and something I knew I wanted to do at a very young age. I can’t… Read More


Big Small Business Dreams? Enter the American Small Business Championship

By Susan Koehler, Sr. Manager, The Walmart Foundation – Sam’s Club Giving Program

Stephen and Jennifer Robichaux turned a sweet tooth into sweet success as co-owners of Sweet Robichaux, a custom cookie bakery based in Gonzalez, Louisiana. Fueled by a love of cookies and baked goods, and experience working in bakeries and coffee shops, the couple was inspired to pursue their… Read More


Helping Kids Win: Associates Receive CMN Hospitals’ Highest Award

By John Lauck, President & CEO, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

This year, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals gave our highest award to some very special supporters, ones who are making a huge difference in the lives of local kids: Walmart associates. The CMN Hospitals Founder’s Award is given to top children’s hospital advocates, and past recipients have… Read More


A Makeover for a Little Pantry with a Big Heart

By Stacy Downey, Founder, The Little Pantry That Could, Nashville, Tenn.

The first time I truly saw hunger was when I started The Little Pantry That Could, a food pantry in Nashville, Tenn. I witnessed families devouring food straight from the bags they just received. I was stunned. After sitting face to face with a man whose belly ached, learning he… Read More


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