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Getting to the Heart of Christmas with Santa Sam

By Mallory Perkins, Sr. Manager, Walmart Digital Communications

Most kids spend days making their Christmas list, dreaming of all the toys Santa might bring. But 11-year-old Samuel Love’s Christmas list looks a little different – it’s filled with items for other children. After feeling moved by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Samuel, a fifth grade… Read More


Your Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Survival Guide

By Emily Schmid, Sr. Manager, Walmart Digital Communications

The holiday season happens the same time each year. But whether we’re too busy, still searching for the perfect gifts or just plain procrastinating, plenty of us find ourselves shopping with just a few days – or even hours – left to go. I fall into all of these categories, and if you do, too,… Read More


Sparking Conversation: Truck Loader Juan Villalobos

By Emily Schmid, Sr. Manager, Walmart Digital Communications

Editor’s note: More than 2.2 million associates bring our stores and clubs to life every day. Sparking Conversation is a series where we get to know these individuals. Juan Villalobos is a truck loader at Walmart Distribution Center #6021 in Porterville, California, where he helps ensure that… Read More

U.S. Manufacturing

3 Ways to Give American-Made This Season

By Cindi Marsiglio, VP, U.S. Manufacturing, Walmart

Giving gifts to the people we care about has been a holiday custom for thousands of years. This year, Walmart is making it even easier to give a gift that supports a cause many people care about, too: American jobs. Our customers tell us that when they think about buying products, price is their… Read More


Deck your Halls in a Twinkling

By Max Wilker, Better Homes and Gardens Style Director

When we got together with the Walmart Moms recently, we all agreed on one thing: Holiday decorating shouldn’t cost us so much time and money! So when I shared these ideas for decking the halls—Better Homes and Gardens style—a party mood ensued. Consider these snapshots our party favors for you!… Read More

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