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Seeing My Future at Walmart

By John Geter, Dairy Sales Associate, Walmart #1022

That’s a line from one of my poems – I’ve been writing inspirational poetry most of my life. I’ve tried to live by the truth in those words ever since I was a young child who loved to ride bikes and… Read More

5 Splendid Surprises About Walmart’s Fresh Bakery

By Kinna Thomas, Sr. Buyer - Cakes and Celebrations, Walmart U.S.

A few weeks ago, a self-described foodie called into NPR’s The Splendid Table with a dilemma: She’d tasted a Walmart birthday cake at an office party recently, and while she is typically a fan of… Read More

Among the Essentials, a Delivery of Hope

By Gary Darnell, Sr. Manager – Logistics, Walmart U.S.

He was sure there was plenty of emergency freight that had to be delivered, but that wasn’t a request he was met with on the other end of the line. The operator instead asked how his family fared in… Read More

One Nurse, 16 Infants, and a Storm’s Ultimate Test

By Shannon Frederick, Sr. Director, Walmart Foundation

During Hurricane Katrina, there were many others she believes are equally deserving of that title. Her fellow medical staff at New Orleans Memorial Medical Center who worked while separated from… Read More

With Grit and Heart, Two Mississippi Stores Return

By Brian Thomas, Market Manager – Southeast Division, Walmart U.S.

In the last few days of August 2005, Kim’s community was forever changed as Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. Kim’s home was damaged, not destroyed, but her workplace – the supercenter she and… Read More

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