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Why Walmart Matters for Washington, D.C.

By Eric Quist, Store Manager, Walmart #5941

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things: In my 20 years with Walmart, I’ve seen this happen many times, and in many ways. But one of the most powerful examples happened this past year alone, as I transferred to manage and open one of two new stores in Washington, D.C. Historically, there haven’t… Read More


In Volunteering, Home is Where My Heart Is

By Jimmy Wester, Store Manager, Walmart #562

Editor’s note: When 27 Walmart associates and Jimmy Wester, manager of a store in Leeds, Alabama, showed up at a Habitat for Humanity project last September, the only thing in place was a concrete slab – which the team quickly turned into a home. This story originally appeared in Walmart World, the… Read More


Mystery Flavors? Take a Peep Behind the Curtain

By Melody Phan Rich, Senior Buyer – Seasonal Candy, Walmart

Peeps are the candy people generally love – or don’t. But here’s a mystery:  A lot of the time, those who may not eat them still end up buying them. Whether they’re added to a child’s Easter basket, used as a colorful embellishment for a craft project, or simply scooped up for a sugary snack,… Read More



Girl Power: Creating a New Kind of Doll Line

By Jodi Norgaard, CEO, Dream Big Toy Company

Eight years ago, I stood dumbfounded in a toy store aisle. My then 10-year-old daughter Gracie was shopping for a new doll, and selected one from the shelves. With heavy makeup, a bare midriff and high heels, this doll was far from what I envisioned as an ideal role model for my child. What’s more,… Read More



Known as ‘Miss Walmart,’ Rene Has a Personality That Reigns

By Rhonda Rathje, Director, Global Associate Communications – Walmart

When Rene Watson-Long interviewed for a job at Walmart, she was looking for a fresh start in life. Through hard work, she has met one goal after the next, creating for herself a successful long-term career. Starting 13 years ago in layaway and receiving several promotions since,… Read More


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