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How You Can Help Secure 75 Million Meals for People in Need

By Angela Collier, Walmart Foundation

With flowers blooming and the sun peeking back out again, for many of us, spring is a refreshing time of renewal. There’s one place, however, where this time of year is a little less cheerful: food banks, which see a drop-off in donations after the holidays and strain to serve their clients in… Read More


Want a Clean Path to Less Waste? Just Add Water

By Jason Foster, Founder and CEO, Replenish Bottling

Even if we’re not avid recyclers, most of us don’t like to waste. Reusing is a practice that’s been around for quite a while. Take my late grandmother, Jewell, for example – a woman who has long been my hero. A waitress for more than 40 years, she was the most successful person I knew. Growing up… Read More



Why I’m Driven to Do Something About Hunger

By Nina DuPont, Safety Clerk, Walmart Transportation

Ten years ago, I set out on my life’s path in a far-from-glamorous way: driving an old, clunky Suburban that needed a bungee cord just to keep the door shut. My husband and I had lowered the seats in the back, loaded in boxes of food for needy families and then set out to deliver them. We didn’t… Read More



Why Walmart Matters for Washington, D.C.

By Eric Quist, Store Manager, Walmart #5941

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things: In my 20 years with Walmart, I’ve seen this happen many times, and in many ways. But one of the most powerful examples happened this past year alone, as I transferred to manage and open one of two new stores in Washington, D.C. Historically, there haven’t… Read More



In Volunteering, Home is Where My Heart Is

By Jimmy Wester, Store Manager, Walmart #562

Editor’s note: When 27 Walmart associates and Jimmy Wester, manager of a store in Leeds, Alabama, showed up at a Habitat for Humanity project last September, the only thing in place was a concrete slab – which the team quickly turned into a home. This story originally appeared in Walmart World, the… Read More

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