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In Volunteering, Home is Where My Heart Is

By Jimmy Wester, Store Manager, Walmart #562

Editor’s note: When 27 Walmart associates and Jimmy Wester, manager of a store in Leeds, Alabama, showed up at a Habitat for Humanity project last September, the only thing in place was a concrete slab – which the team quickly turned into a home. This story originally appeared in Walmart World, the… Read More


Mystery Flavors? Take a Peep Behind the Curtain

By Melody Phan Rich, Senior Buyer – Seasonal Candy, Walmart

Peeps are the candy people generally love – or don’t. But here’s a mystery:  A lot of the time, those who may not eat them still end up buying them. Whether they’re added to a child’s Easter basket, used as a colorful embellishment for a craft project, or simply scooped up for a sugary snack,… Read More


Girl Power: Creating a New Kind of Doll Line

By Jodi Norgaard, CEO, Dream Big Toy Company

Eight years ago, I stood dumbfounded in a toy store aisle. My then 10-year-old daughter Gracie was shopping for a new doll, and selected one from the shelves. With heavy makeup, a bare midriff and high heels, this doll was far from what I envisioned as an ideal role model for my child. What’s more,… Read More



Known as ‘Miss Walmart,’ Rene Has a Personality That Reigns

By Rhonda Rathje, Director, Global Associate Communications – Walmart

When Rene Watson-Long interviewed for a job at Walmart, she was looking for a fresh start in life. Through hard work, she has met one goal after the next, creating for herself a successful long-term career. Starting 13 years ago in layaway and receiving several promotions since,… Read More



Your Personal Shopper: The Science of My Job @WalmartLabs

By Om Marwah, Cognitive Scientist, @WalmartLabs

Have you ever gotten an email from Walmart about an item you were just browsing on What about one that featured products that are perfect for your spring-cleaning project? These seemingly instinctive alerts aren’t necessarily coincidental, but rather are created by the targeting team… Read More

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