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Host the Perfect Labor Day Barbecue

By Amy Clark, Walmart Mom Blogger,

If there’s one thing I love to do in the summer, it’s grilling and sharing a delicious meal with friends. Now that we’re nearing the end of the season, here are some fun ideas to help make the most of your backyard gatherings. Prep AheadFirst, save time by prepping ahead. Pastas for salads can be… Read More


From Homemade to Home Run: Chef Jenn’s Story

By Catherine Johnson, Walmart Senior Buyer, Seafood

This year, Jennifer McCullough has cooked up nothing but victory. In April, she won Food Network’s reality cooking competition, Cutthroat Kitchen. And in July, she took a chance by attending Walmart’s Open Call for products that support American jobs, where she got more great news: Several of her… Read More


Picking Up a New Career Path with Walmart To Go

By Sarah Fischer, Operations Support Manager, Walmart To Go, Denver

Shopping online for groceries, and then visiting a drive-thru to pick them up? Eleven years ago, that’s an offering I wouldn’t have imagined. That’s when I joined Walmart stocking shelves in our automotive center. At the time, I also didn’t envision that I would be the one who would eventually… Read More



Solving Your Back-to-School Lunchbox Challenges

By Jenn Fowler, Walmart Mom Blogger,

I love packing my kids’ lunches. I can take into account any special dietary needs, have complete control over the nutritional content and save money. However, there can be issues with keeping bread fresh, and making sure cool food stays cool and hot food stays hot. Here are three lunchbox… Read More


For Smarter Security, a Smarter Walmart MasterCard

By Mike Cook, Walmart & Chris McWilton, MasterCard

As we head into the biggest shopping season of the year, security when paying is more important than ever. If you have a Walmart MasterCard, you can enjoy even greater security through a new chip-enabled card coming to your mailbox in the next few weeks. Walmart is among the first retailers to… Read More


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