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Meet Bruce, the Big Cheese in Boise

By Rhonda Rathje, Director, Global Associate Communications – Walmart

Mention Idaho and most people think of potatoes, but the state also produces a massive amount of milk. In fact, it’s No. 4 in the U.S. for milk production and No. 3 for cheese. No wonder Bruce Payne… Read More

A Simple Sponge, and My Second Chance

By Pauline Doling, Manufacturing Employee, Alphapointe, Inc.

While it happened quickly, it wasn’t completely unexpected. I had been diagnosed with diabetes back in Jamaica and couldn't afford the proper medication, which led to my vision loss. So I found… Read More


In the Baby Department, a Mom’s Work is Never Done

By Diana Marshall, Vice President – Baby, Walmart U.S.

New parents tend to over-prepare because they’re nervous to get everything right. I know this firsthand because two years ago, I had my first son. And I thought I needed every possible item to take… Read More


Once Hungry, Lisa’s Family is Now Hungry to Help

By Sara Cole, Vice President of Youth Development, YMCA of Greater Rochester, NY

Fresh fruits and vegetables – a staple in a healthy diet for growing kids – were an expensive luxury. Toward the end of every month, she was left worried and afraid that she wouldn’t be able to put… Read More

U.S. Secretary of Commerce: Let’s Keep America Open for Businesses

By Emily Schmid, Sr. Manager, Walmart Digital Communications

Last week, we at Walmart were honored to welcome U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker to speak at our third U.S. Manufacturing Summit. Afterward, we caught up with her for a brief conversation.… Read More


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